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Message from the chairperson

The department of Asia-Pacific Industrial and Business Management (APIBM) was established in 2001 and has built the outstanding core value of discipline, innovation, and prospective by the efforts and dedication of both the faculty and students. As result of that, APIBM has been receiving compliments from the domestic and overseas industries as well as the academic fields. In order to support the government’s South-bound and West-bound Policy of investment by cultivating the human resources for the overseas Taiwanese business and to equip a better understanding of the Asia-Pacific region where the economic environment is growing rapidly. The unique APIBM was thus established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 

APIBM has 12 full-time professors with PhD diploma received from universities in various countries such as the UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and so on. With the faculty’s excellent performance in professional fields like production management, marketing management, human resource management, R&D management and financial management, APIBM’s development is solid and with the advantage of integration. The faculty is all well-experienced in areas of academic researches, cooperation with the industries, and international events, in addition, they have passion and sincerely care for the students.

To meet the demands of students from different stages, APIBM has developed programs such as undergraduate program with 60 students currently, postgraduate (MA) program recruiting 15 students yearly, and postgraduate (MA) program for working professionals with 20 students enrolled yearly. APIBM also designs program and courses for in-service learners in order to meet the demands from the industries and to carry out the CSR.

The courses of APIBM mainly cover three fields: International outlook of the Asia Pacific Region, Industrial Management, and Business Management. The goal of APIBM is to continuously train students to be competitive and outstanding in the competitive environment and to support Taiwanese enterprises having long-term development. By having courses focus on the three fields, APIBM aims to cultivate students with multi-capabilities for recognizing the economic movement in Asia Pacific region, analyzing data, applying the information technology, improving the operation system, analyzing business environment, implementing foreign languages, communicating, fulfilling CSR, and problem-solving. APIBM also actively organize cooperation with the industries and exchange programs with overseas universities. For example, we established a dual-degree partnership with The State University of New York at Stony Brook and Dearborn campus of Michigan University. To improve the foreign language ability and expand the global outlook, students can also apply for exchange programs with our partner universities in USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and China. Apart from organizing cooperation with the industries and visits to the enterprises, we encourage students to apply the internship programs in order to minimize the gap between academic theory and practical fields.

Beside local students and exchange students from China, we also recruit foreign students from eighteen countries such as Canada, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Brunei, Paraguay, Mexico, Swaziland, and China. APIBM is where the different cultures and values merge and is also where multicultural tolerance is embodied so that the foundation of global outlook and career development can be built here in APIBM.       In addition to equipping students with International outlook of the Asia Pacific region, knowledge of Industrial Management, and Business Management, to cultivate students with traits of discipline, innovation and perspective is also APIBM’s core value. At the aspect of professional knowledge, we train students to be the talented of integration management. As for the aspect of human characteristics, we educate students to be disciplined by obeying the regulation, ethics, and participation; to be innovative by breaking the existing ways of thinking; to be perspective for planning the future strategy by recognizing the current environment. With the process of education, we expect our students not only to obtain the honor for the university by presenting teamwork cooperation in all sorts of contests but also to be excellent in life after graduation.

With the abovementioned strengths and solid foundation, it is convinced that APIBM can train students with discipline and be excellent in teamwork; profound study of theories so that they can provide solutions to problems and stay sensitive to the dynamic environment; international perspectives and professional skills of international businesses management. We believe the graduates are able to become the cross-cultural talents in diversified investment industries or international enterprises.