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 The Department of Asia-Pacific Industrial and Business Management (APIBM), located in Kaohsiung, one of the hot spots of industry, trade, and transportation in the Asia-Pacific region, aims to train students with business management & leadership skills and help them cultivate sensitivity to Asia-Pacific industries. To assist local companies with investment in China and Southeast Asian countries to have an overview of the matters related to culture, geography, history, society and business of the invested countries in the hope of avoiding management problems caused by cultural misunderstanding, the Department sees the need to train skilled international management personnel with discipline, innovation and perspective. We are well equipped and experienced to upgrade the executive and technical staff of the invested country sent by Taiwanese business companies to the island for further education and training to facilitate the continuing development of the companies in the invested country.

    The Department, established in August 2001, is the first of its kind on the island to provide programs which specialize in Asia-Pacific affairs. In accordance with the recurrent education policy of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the overall development of the University, a two-year undergraduate program for working professionals was launched in 2003. In accordance with national and industrial policies as well as the University’s development, a postgraduate program and a postgraduate program for working professionals were offered in 2006 and 2009 respectively.