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In-service Master Program(For students admitted in the academic year 2019 onwards.)

Regulations of Course Requirements for Postgraduate (MA) Programs for Working Professionals

The Department of Asia-Pacific Industrial and Business Management National University of Kaohsiung


Ⅰ.The regulations are in accordance with National University of Kaohsiung Regulations and National University of Kaohsiung Regulations of Credit Exemption.

Ⅱ.Research areas: Industrial Management, Business Management, and the Asia-Pacific Business Administration and Management.

III. Minimum credits requirement for graduation: 39 (including 3 credits for master dissertation), which including 9 credits of required courses (including 3 credits for master dissertation) and a minimum of 18 credits of elective courses.

IV. A Master’s degree is granted while the required credits and dissertation viva are completed.

V. Pass mark: 70

VI. Required Courses are:Methodology, Asia-Pacific Business Management, and Seminar: 9 credits in total (3 credits for each course)

VII. Students shall take elective courses provided by the academic year of their own. For instance, the elective courses provided for the freshmen can only be taken by the freshmen. Whenever the case of taking elective courses by the students from different academic year occurs, it shall be approved by the course's lecturer.

VIII. Students are required to consult with the full-time faculty of the Department for an appropriate advisor. If co-supervision is needed, one of the advisors must be a full-time faculty member of the Department.

IX. Students are required to choose their advisor before the end of second semester in the first academic year.

X. Before application of viva, students who plan to apply for oral examination at the 1st semester of each academic year shall complete oral examination plan of the dissertation by November 15th; for the students who plan to apply for oral examination at the 2nd semester shall complete oral examination plan of the dissertation by April 15th. Students are required to participate at least one either domestic or overseas conference, competition, or presentation of practical case study before graduation and to obtain the related document as proof.

XI. The change of topic or content of the dissertation shall be guided by advisors. Request for change of advisor(s) must be submitted before the end of the first semester of the second year. Students must obtain the new advisor’s written consent, notify the previous one, and ask for the Chairperson’s approval. Students can only request for change of advisor(s) once.

XII. Credit exemption

1. Students can apply for up to 6 credits of exemption for postgraduate courses, or courses for working professionals taken in other departments of the University before enrollment to the Department.

2. For courses taken in the Department before formal enrollment to the MA program of the Department, students can apply for exemption of up to 1/2 of required credits needed for graduation.

3. For the courses and credits of exemption, an interview to the applicants may be taken whenever is necessary and the credits exemption can be granted if the applicants pass the interview. The Departmental Committee of Courses are obliged to examine the exceptional cases.

XIII. The regulations become effective from the announcement date and shall be approved in the Meeting of Departmental Affairs, the Meeting of College Affairs and Meeting of Academic Affairs. The same procedure shall be adopted if the regulations are to be amended.