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Exchange Programs of International Scholars

*2017-08-24     Exchange scholar in the 2nd semester of academic year 2016

Lecturer: Professor Busagarin Nitiwong

Country: Thailand

UniversityRangsit University

Duration: 2017-05-28~ 2017-09-03


*2012-09-24     Exchange scholar in the 1st  semester of academic year 2012     

Lecturer: Professor Hu Xiaoqing

Country: China

UniversityShandong University of Science and Technology

Topic: Cultivating International Outlook of the new century

Duration: 2012-09-24~2013-01-18


*2011-09-13     Speech by Mr. Da-Chen Kang      

Lecturer: Mr. Da-Chen Kang  (The Associate Researcher from Institute of science and technology policy and management science, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Country: China

Topic: The training for strategic emerging industries and S&T management


*2011-05-11     Speech by Dr. Larry E. Miller.       

Lecturer: Dr. Larry E. Miller

Country: USA

Topic: Survey Research


*2009-12-31     Speech by Professor Arch G. Woodside       

Lecturer: Arch G. Woodside, Professor of Marketing

Country: USA

Topic: Essential Knowledge for Theory Development for Research in Management and Marketing


*2009-09-17     Speech by Dr. Wu-Lang Li.   

Lecturer: Dr. Wu-Lang Lee

Country: USA

Topic: State of the U.S Economy: Some Cyclical Perspectives


*2008-01-02     Speech by Professor Quan-Wen Liao

Lecturer: Professor Quan-Wen Liao

Country: China

Topic: The theory for increasing successful probability of job search.


*2007-05-31     Speech by Professor Giles-Hirst   

Lecturer: Professor Giles-Hirst

Country: Australia

Topic: Theories and Practice of Leadership-Charismatic & transformational Leadership


*2007-04-10     Speech by Dr. Yu-Chung Wang    

Lecturer: Dr. Yu-Chung Wang

Country: Australia

University: University of South Australia

Topic: International outlook for the new century